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 Socom Confrontaion is going to be a blowout : (

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!CTS! rahhelah

!CTS! rahhelah

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PostSubject: Socom Confrontaion is going to be a blowout : (   Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:56 am

wow this game looks like it sux so bad they have changed it so much...

1. you can see enimies on radar
2. proximany chat (enimies can hear u if ur close enough to them)
3. added sprint button and you cant shoot while ur sprinting
4. have to hold circle to bring up weapn menu and press the dpad in the drection of what gun to pick
5. this game isnt socom any more its a COD4 and RB6 vegas mix looks so fucking gay right now but i guess we will just have to see when the beta comes out


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Socom Confrontaion is going to be a blowout : (
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