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!CTS! rahhelah

!CTS! rahhelah

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PostSubject: INCOMMING PATCH 1.30   INCOMMING PATCH 1.30 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:21 pm

SOCOM: Confrontation State of the Union
Posted by Dan McBride
Now that we are 3 weeks into the launch of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation it is about time for a more comprehensive update straight from the developers. All of us at Slant Six would like to thank those active community members who continually exhibit their passion for SOCOM- you are a tough audience but we would not want it any other way. The launch was pretty rough on all of us but we want to let you know that we are committed to continual improvement of the game

Patch 1.20 went live last Tuesday and it has met its goals: stability is much better and the server load issues seen in the first week have been mostly addressed. With this now out of the way, the team has turned our attention to the 1.30 update which will fix several features (including trophies and SOCOM: Confrontation Awards), fix a bunch of bugs and respond to some of the requests of the community.

Here are some of the items planned for the update. Please note that some items listed may be delayed to a following update if additional development is required beyond what our schedule for the 1.30 update allows. This should not be considered a guarantee that these items will be in the 1.30 update, but we did want to give everyone a heads up as to what is on our plate currently.

New Features

SOCOM Awards and PSN Trophies
DTS audio support
Add HUD and scoreboard opacity
Scoreboard invocation improvements (tap select for persistent scoreboard, hold for temporary)
Spectator mode HUD turns off after brief interval
Spectator camera look now respects user invert on/off setting
Spectator camera pan now consistent with in game camera
Add dive-to-prone
Add lean control to d-pad
Gear items stackable
Extend post-round period
Restrict RPGs and grenade launchers in ranked rooms
Increase prone movement speed
Adding support for lefty control configuration (analog stick functions swapped)
Increase frag grenade effectiveness
Prevent incorrect reload interruptions
Bug Fixes

Fix animation issue when prone rolling near certain objects.
Fix remaining issues with statistics gathering and display
Fix bugs related to equipping of C4 in breach mode
Fix occasional audio drop outs
Fix last remaining framerate hitch when other clients late join
Fix remaining stability issues
Fix hostages being affected by smoke
Of course there will also be many additional smaller fixes included in the patch. Please watch this spot for updates as the patch moves through development and into QA/verification/deployment.

We are also hard at work on an additional patch which will include the remaining community support features. The design and art teams are also making great progress on new content- based on some of the posts in the forums, many of you will be very happy with what is coming down the pipe.

Thanks again for your continuing support,

-Confrontation Development Team


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PostSubject: Re: INCOMMING PATCH 1.30   INCOMMING PATCH 1.30 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:37 pm

yes finally they are going to make the scoreboard like it was in CA hold and release bitches!!!!! and they're adding a dive to prone feature......only if they can address the issues i posted!!!!!
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